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  • Kristin Ritzau

Growing Together

How the world has changed in just a few short weeks. We are hopeful that together we can flatten the curve and practice physical distancing to help those on the front lines of this pandemic. One of the ways Monrovia Community Garden is seeking to help is to move a lot of content online. We created a number of virtual workshops on our Facebook and Instagram Pages which are being welcomed into your homes.

Many of you are interested in gardening due to its many benefits. Growing your own food can not only help feed your family, but getting outside and gardening prove to be very good for our mental health too. We look forward to using this blog to share recipes in the coming weeks of what you can cook from your garden. We will be featuring a vegetable each week and multiple things you can do with that particular food to make your groceries last longer too. We can #growtogether even though we are apart. So stay tuned here for recipes and gardening tips as we are all #saferathome.

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