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In early 2017, Monrovia heard a call from community members expressing interest in having a Community Garden. Whether it was a desire to have their own garden plot or engaging in shared community project, residents of all ages asked the City to explore the possibilities of creating a garden space that would offer a variety of gardening activities for beginners to experts.

In early 2018, the City Council of Monrovia echoed the need to study the possibility of establishing a Community Garden Program. Coupled with the findings of the Parks Master Plan process, which identified Community Gardens to be the third highest priority of survey respondents, an assessment process began to review the feasibility of establishing a Community Garden Pilot Program.

After exploring potential community garden models, locations, and best practices, City staff mentioned the Community Garden efforts with community members from Mountainside Communion (Mountainside) located at the northwest corner of Colorado Blvd. and Magnolia Ave. Simultaneously, Mountainside was looking to start a Community Garden Project on their property for the community’s use.

Both parties came together with a similar vision: to launch a community garden pilot program that would incorporate private raised beds for rent, educational workshops, community engagement, and public demonstration gardens for all of the community to enjoy. The initial plan was presented to the City Council in a Study Session in early November 2018 for feedback and a three-year agreement with Mountainside, site plans, and Garden Director role for the Monrovia Community Garden were approved November 20, 2018. The Pilot Program will be monitored and assessed annually with a formal update to City Council at the end of the three-year term.

Monrovia Community Garden officially launched July 2019 with a formal ribbon cutting at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Magnolia Avenue.

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Monrovia Community Garden exists to provide a space of community building and education through gardening. We strive to grow, not only flowers, fruits, and vegetables, but in learning about sustainability and what will help us lead our healthiest lives together as neighbors. 


Garden Director

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A Monrovia resident and urban farmer for over a decade, Dr. Ritzau is passionate about building resilient communities. She helps run Food ED a local nonprofit dedicated to reimagining garden and food science in San Gabriel Valley schools and cities. You can reach her at

Garden Leadership Team is a volunteer leadership group dedicated to the purpose of Monrovia Community Garden. They are passionate about gardening and sustainability. Their work for the community has earned them recognition from the California Park and Recreation Society District 13 for hundreds of hours of work and teaching.  They continue to help lead different initiatives and classes as well as maintain the public garden space. 

If you are interested in volunteering seasonally or applying for the leadership team, click here. 

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