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The corner garden on Magnolia and Colorado is open to the public. Only plotholders may access garden behind fences.

Our garden plots are currently full. But you can click the button below to fill out the form and join the waitlist. The program is currently open to Monrovia residents and families enrolled in MUSD. If your number comes up on the waitlist, we will reach out and contact you with an application. 


Our community compost bin is now open thanks to our community partner LA Compost

Collect vegetable, yard, and fruit scraps at home and bring them here to turn into compost.

< See our informational video here. 

You can also download the LA Compost guide

on what you can and cannot compost by

clicking here.


Basic steps: 

1. Collect your veggie and fruit scraps as well as yard trimmings and coffee grounds. Take off all stickers, wires, and anything that is not natural. 

2. Dump scraps in the ADD bin only. 

3. After depositing your scraps, add equal amounts of mulch from the provided grey bins as the amount of scraps you contributed. 

4. Stay tuned for when it's done and we pass out compost at Monrovia events. 



Gardening Collage


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For plotholders, download your guidebook for garden information, planting schedules, and tips and troubleshooting. 

Collection of Herbs


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