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Gardening Tools

June 13, Thursday

Woes, Wows, and What's Next? Mid-Season Garden Trouble-Shooting 
7:00pm to 8:30pm

Concerned about garden pests?  Unsure of what's plaguing your garden?  Join us for a FREE informative event led by Gio Leos!  He'll guide us through some common garden woes and help you trouble-shoot, so bring your questions!  Workshop will be hosted at 303 W. Colorado Blvd. 

Questions? Inquire at

Food Waste Compost

June 26, Wednesday

Cookies & Compost
7:00pm to 8:00pm


Join us for some sweet treats and talk about community composting!  This is a great chance to learn about food waste, the organics food waste law SB1383, and how you can help your community & the planet by composting!  FREE and open to all. 

Event located at parking lot of 303 W. Colorado Blvd. next to wooden community compost bin.

Group Planting a Tree

More coming soon!

Stay tuned... 

We're planning our Fall and Winter Workshops. Let us know what you want to learn about! 

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More classes coming soon! 

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